General Ledgerism
  Ledger Ontology
  Draft UEENs
  OMG AR/AP project
  GL Core Components 
  GL Info.Entities 
  AR/AP Settlement Cloud 
  Use Core Componts!
  STR Shared Transactions
  Signed P-Notes 
  Grid Accounting
  Hypercube vision
  End-to-end accounting
  GL Pairs?? 
  Auto Reconciliation 
  Core Component URIs
  GLT-GLR modules
  GL Design Links
  Java GL Projects
  InterBSP batches
  Shadow Ledgers
  GL Schema1
  GL XSLT tricks
  consistent accounting 
  Journal Bus 

Money and Digital Cash
  Bearer Settlement
  5 Trustee Model 
  LETS links
  Seattle Community Currency

Politics of Ledgerism
  Empirical Reputation 
  The Info Gap 
  CIO Regulation
  End Data Redundancy 
  $150 Billion!
  StronglyEditable GL 
  Dynamic Range
  Clear Channel GL 
  Illegitimate CEFACTs
  Freedom Land
  Refusenik economy 
  Identity Theft?!
  Metadata Pledge
  Standards Bodies collab
  Alt-Society of CPAs
  Ethics Koans

Community networks
  P2P Revolution
  Back Fence LANs
  Devices and reputation
  CWN requirements
  Gesture DxNode.htm
  Bx Node Offer
  Carrier-Written specs
  Reputation=civil disobed
  Kirkland Wireless

  P2P dimensions 
  Independent P2P axes
  User Sovereignty
  Servers Are Obsolete
  E-Voting Luddism.htm

  Standards Bodies Collab
  Computer languages
  Questions for ASPs
  Data Warehouses
  A2A for BSPs
  Regulate Routers
  Sell GPL services
  Hijinks with UDDI
  Web Forums 
  The letter No 
  Small businesses
  LLC - partnership
  readings on
  $Trillions hits


  a few links